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Process shot for 99 Objects, 1 of 5 interactive installations to be presented at concurrent partner exhibits Amy Stacey Curtis: Transfer (January 21-April 4, 2020, University of New Hampshire Museum of Art, Durham, New Hampshire), and Amy Stacey Curtis: Mirror (February 7-April 4, 2020, 3S Artspace, Portsmouth, New Hampshire). Funded in part by a grant from the Maine Arts Commission, an independent state agency supported by the National Endowment for the Arts. Sponsored by Pierce Aluminum Company.

array I, wood, acrylic, vinyl, audience, 2019

99 white cubes (each .875"x.875"x.875"), each hand-embossed with a number, and 2 white, 99-cube, cube shelves (each 104.75"). At start of exhibit, all 99 cubes fill upper shelf, while lower shelf empty. Cubes on upper shelf are placed in order "1" through "99," left-to-right.

Audience instructions:
Place cubes on lower shelf in random order.
When all cubes reach lower shelf,
place cubes on upper shelf in order.
When all cubes reach upper shelf,
place cubes on lower shelf in random order...
If unsure in what direction cubes are moving, choose.

One Wall, One Work: Amy Stacey Curtis, June 22-July 26, 2019, Krakow Witkin Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts

mirror I, wood, acrylic, vinyl, audience, 2018

600 cubes (300 black, 300 white; each 1.5"x1.5"x1.5") set upon two, side-by-side columns of "cube shelves" (30 shelves total, 15 shelves each column; each 35"-long). Each column holds 300 cubes; each shelf holds 20 cubes in 20 "slots." At start of exhibit all black cubes are set toward center of installation in inner-most 10 slots of each column, while all white cubes are set toward outside of installation in outer-most 10 slots.

Audience instructions:
Switch any black cubes with any white cubes
so result of participation is symmetrical.
In other words, cubes on left side should mirror cubes on right side.

CMCA Biennial, November 3-March 3, 2018, Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Rockland, Maine

Bates College Museum of Art exhibited drawings from Curtis's series 104,564 Objects and 27 Hours, as well as a new interactive installation.

clock I, wood, steel, acrylic, audience, 2018

Steel ball (3"; 4 pounds) and white pedestal (4'-tall x 1'-wide x 16'-long) with 60 cupules (.5"). At start of exhibit, at start of specified hour during opening reception, Curtis added ball to first slot.

Audience instructions:
At start of each minute, move ball to next slot.
After last minute of hour, move ball to first slot.
If unsure in what direction ball is traveling, choose.

Amy Stacey Curtis: Time and Place, October 27-March 23, 2018, Bates College Museum of Art, Lewiston, Maine

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