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Amy Stacey Curtis' 2nd solo-biennial exhibit of interactive installation, MOVEMENT (October 12-26, 2002), was 9 participatory works installed throughout 16,000 s.f. of Westbrook, Maine's Old Sebago Shoe Mill. Each of MOVEMENT's installations were accompanied by instructions, the audience challenged to perpetuate and complete Curtis' concepts in specific ways.

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volition I, 9 aluminum rods, red oak, audience, 10.12.2-10.26.2

Participants asked to each remove nine rods from surface (4,624 holes) and to insert rods into nine holes "choosing as randomly as possible." (red oak: 72"x1.75"x72"; each rod: .25"x2"x.25")

torsion, 3 steel wheels, galvanized aircraft cable, aluminum, hardware, wood, audience, 10.12.2-10.26.2

Participants asked to restart rotation whenever wheels came to complete stop. (each unit: 34"x192"x34")

pendulum I, 9 pine 2x4s, galvanized aircraft cable, hardware, audience, 10.12.2-10.26.2

Participants asked to restart alternating swing whenever wood came to complete stop. (nine units at rest: 180"x160"x96"; nine units in motion: ~204"x160"x96")

abacus II, 9 stoneware beads, stain, galvanized aircraft cable, hardware, audience, 10.12.2-10.26.2

Participants asked to move nine beads one inch left keeping beads vertical. When beads reached left-most point: "move all nine beads one inch right keeping beads vertical"--and so on. If participants unsure of direction beads traveling, asked to choose. (219"x33"x1.5")

labyrinth II, tape, audience, 10.12.2-10.26.2

Participants asked to think of movement they could repeat nine times. "It can be big or small, use your whole body or part of your body." Then they entered opening of labyrinth, and followed path to center stopping at each solid circle to make movement. On way out of labyrinth, participants stopped at each open circle to make movement. (252"x252"; path length: 3456")

channel I, 1,080 plotter-paper cores, wood, wire, audience, 10.12.2-10.26.2

Repeated from her 1st solo biennial EXPERIENCE (2000), participants asked to view tubes from far away, inches away, moving side to side, up and down, back and forth... Perception of light moved and changed with each participant's perspective. (144"x84"x36")

undulation I, 320 washers, wood, thread, audience, 10.12.2-10.26.2

Participants each asked to travel (at consistent pace) along blue floor line running parallel to washers suspended 16" away. Each participant created a unique, undulating wake, in the row of washers. (~16"x73"x1080")

flux I, 9 marbles, conduit pipe, chain, hardware, tin, felt, audience, 10.12.2-10.26.2

Participants asked to remove nine marbles from receptacle, to insert them at consistent pace into pipe's upper opening, and to listen as marbles returned. No matter how consistently marbles inserted, marbles exited randomly. (pipe: 1.25"x186"x840"; receptacle: 7.5"x2.5"x7.5"; each marble: ~.5)

forward I, rear projection fabric, wood, projectors, dvds, plastic, hardware, audience, 10.12.2-10.26.2

Participants traveled 75' dark hall to view 2 large screens 4' apart (original intent to present via 4-screen projection cube); front view: footage rushing 180mph forward on road near Curtis' home; back view: rushing 180mph backward. (183"x192"x1255"; each screen: 120"x90")

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