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Amy Stacey Curtis' 4th solo-biennial exhibit of interactive installation, SOUND (October 7-27, 2006), was 9 participatory works installed throughout 26,000 s.f. of Waterville, Maine's Lockwood Mill. Each of SOUND's installations were accompanied by instructions, the audience challenged to perpetuate and complete Curtis' concepts in specific ways. Photos: Amy Stacey Curtis, Mary Morrison

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shift II, 9 tape recorders, 9 cassette tapes, 9 pedestals, audience, 10.7.6-10.27.6

Curtis recorded upon each recorder a different 9-word sentence. Over course of year, Curtis searched for these sentences through 72 books, selecting 9 for installation. Participants each asked to choose recorder, listen to recorded sentence once, and to replace sentence, repeating sentence to his or her best ability. (each recorder: 2"x6"x10"; each pedestal: 48"x12"x12")

pendulum III, 9 metronomes, pedestal, aluminum, audience, 10.7.6-10.27.6

All set at 144 beats per minute, Curtis simultaneously restarted metronomes every time they stopped using tool she built. Participants asked to listen as metronomes' collective rhythm continuously changed. (each metronome: 9"x5"x5"; pedestal: 36"x72"x15")

flux I, 9 marbles, conduit pipe, chain, hardware, tin, felt, audience, 10.7.6-10.27.6

Repeated from her 2nd solo biennial MOVEMENT (2002), participants asked to remove nine marbles from receptacle, to insert them at consistent pace into pipe's upper opening, and to listen as marbles returned. No matter how consistently marbles inserted, marbles exited randomly. (pipe: 1.25"x186"x840"; receptacle: 7.5"x2.5"x7.5"; each marble: ~.5)

synchronicity, 9 conversations, 9 mp3 players/speakers, duct, audience, 10.7.6-10.27.6

Curtis recorded and transcribed all of her intimate conversations for one year, to find one word 9 conversations happened to share (500+ hours of transcribing, Curtis transcribing hour every day for year while 25 art assistants contributed remaining time). At SOUND, a 45-second segment of each chosen conversation projected from one of 9 ducts. Curtis synchronized the 9 sound segments, so every 45 seconds, the people within all 9 conversations happen to say shared word simultaneously. (each duct: 45"x12"x30")

labyrinth III, tape, audience, 10.7.6-10.27.6

Participants asked to think of sound they could repeat nine times. "It can be big or small, using your voice and/or your body." Then they entered opening of labyrinth, and followed path to center stopping at each solid circle to make sound. On way out of labyrinth, participants stopped at each open circle to make sound. (252"x252"; path length: 3456")

labyrinth IV, 9 cd players with headphones, 9 cds, tape, audience, 10.7.6-10.27.6

Each participant asked to listen to one of 9 cd players: "You are about to hear a series of notes for about 5 minutes. When you hear the first note, step into the first space of your chosen path. When you hear the second note, which will be higher, step into the second space. If the third note is lower, take a step back. If the third note is higher, take a step forward, etc. In other words, when a note is higher, take a step forward. When a note is lower, take a step back. At the end of this installation, you should end up where you started . . ." (each player: 1"x6"x6"; each path: 576"x12")

modulation III, 36 cd players/speakers, 36 cds, duct, audience, 10.7.6-10.27.6

Projecting from each duct was different note, notes collectively making 5-octave scale from lower C to higher C. Participants asked to walk along front of installation from left to right and right to left, from various distances, to listen to sounds individually and as whole. (9"x576"x120"; each duct: 9"x9"x120")

forward III, 9 rooms, 9 mp3 players/speakers, audience, 10.7.6-10.27.6

Curtis set out to present full year with nine sounds. Participants travelled through nine spaces to listen, keeping doors closed to contain each sound.

quiet, insulation, wood, duct tape, lamp, hardware, audience, 10.7.6-10.27.6

Participants felt way along winding hall until reaching pinhole of light. At each turn, hall got progressively darker and more quiet. Once at pinhole (most quiet and dark position in entire exhibit): "close your eyes, be still, breath, and listen for at least 1 minute"... (hall: 96"x36"x1188")

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