In support of MATTER, Curtis' 8th solo biennial of interactive installation, Curtis drew all the matter in her home including herself, 104,663 objects (any object at least 1/8" including individual food items, i.e. each pea, cracker, ice cube). The 18 drawings below (graphite, 22.5"x22.5", 140 archival paper, 2013-2014), represent 104,564 objects, each object drawn where it existed the moment she drew it. Not yet available; if interest please write Curtis at to view drawings in person.

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10113. studio

102313. studio closet

11514. studio storage

6514. basement

13114. living room

41014. bedroom

3214. kitchen

32514. pantry

41414. walk-in closet

2414. entry way

12414. upstairs bathroom

32814. downstairs bathroom

41514. upstairs hall

41814. downstairs hall

42114. upper stairwell

42214. lower stairwell

61814. office closet

7814. office

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