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Amy Stacey Curtis' 1st solo-biennial exhibit of interactive installation, EXPERIENCE (July 7-August 15, 2000), was 9 participatory works installed throughout 30,000 s.f. of Lewiston, Maine's Bates Mill.

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cell, 900 photographs, 900 jars and lids, water, pine cleaner, acrylic, wood, audience, 7.7.0-8.15.0

Each jar contained precise depth of water, 20 drops of pine cleaner, and 1 of 900 photographs taken by Curtis since 8 years old. Pine cleaner added cloudiness to water so participants looked more deeply to view. (360"x84"x12")

channel I, 1,080 plotter-paper cores, wire, wood, audience, 7.7.0-8.15.0

Participants asked to view tubes from far away, inches away, moving side to side, up and down, back and forth... Perception of light moved and changed with each participant's perspective. (144"x84"x36")

progression II, polytubing, water, audience, 7.7.0-8.15.0

Thirty-six water volumes per 7' polytube column were progressively less from bottom to top by exact measure. (144"x84"x1")

fragile, 216 egg cartons, 2,808 appropriated images, acrylic, medium, dye, thread, beads, images, audience, 3.31.0 (135"x75"x2")

labyrinth I, 5 barrel rings with fabric, thread, audience, 7.7.0-8.15.0

Participants asked to quietly pause inside each of five columns, one after the other, columns' diameters increasing or decreasing depending on which end chosen. ([51"-45"]x168"x[51 -45"])

Enter each of labyrinth I's columns, beginning at left-most or right-most:

meniscus I, 9 glass containers, water, metal, plastic, droppers, audience, 10.4.14-10.24.14

Participants asked to maintain nine menisci (upper curvature of water) for duration of exhibit, adding water to installation when necessary. (each container: 14"x4")

channel II, 9 builder's tubes, fishing line, audience, 7.7.0-8.15.0

Tubes hung end-to-end, ~3" apart, at Curtis' eye level. Participants asked to look into ends to view circles of light. (1320"x10"x10")

succession III, 4,900 plastic vials, water, india ink, audience, 7.7.0-8.15.0

Water in each of seventy rows of seventy vials gradually changed in precise amounts from black to clear, evaporating during exhibit. (48"x2.25"x48")

abacus I, plastic, audience, 7.7.0-8.15.0

Curtis placed thousands of white plastic pellets on floor of exhibit, pellets not attached. (144"x.125"x144")

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