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The Artist Plan by Amy Stacey Curtis

$5 ($15 for all 7 essays), 2010-2015, 8-page essay plus sample Artist Plan, resumes, opportunities list, PDF

The Artist Plan organizes you to make the art you want to make. Just as a business plan is a work in progress, ever-changing and evolving, your Artist Plan is a flexible document that develops as you change and evolve as an artist. Some topics: Writing and uses of artist description, artist biography, statement, resume; studio; short- and long-term goals; keeping track of opportunities; finding a balance between art-making and other life responsibilities.

To receive PDF, send email address to and check or money order for $5 (written to Amy Stacey Curtis) to: Amy Stacey Curtis, 723 Clarks Woods Road, Lyman, Maine 04002. Or, pay with credit card using PayPal (type "The Artist Plan" into "Description" field and "$5.00" into "Unit Price" field). Once payment received/confirmed, your PDF will be sent as attachment to email address provided.