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To raise funds (and make space) toward future work, Curtis is holding a "Perpetual Yard Sale" of things from her solo biennials. Contact Curtis to make arrangements for shipping or delivery, or to pick up your purchase (includes studio visit).

99 White Zipper Cube Pouches (custom-made; ~2.5"x2.5"x2.5"; sold without o-ring/clip unless ring/clip requested). 9 pouches $25. Each pouch $3.

White Painted Crumb Sweeper (~7"x7"x1"). $20.

40 Kraft paper shopping bags (16"x6"x12", square-bottom, twisted paper handles, 65 lb. paper, reusable). Current retail ~$.25 each. All 40 bags $8.

6 clear vinyl lid black stationery boxes (7.5"x5.5"x1", display/package greeting cards, stationery). Current retail ~$5. All 6 boxes $3.

36 large clips (2" wide). Current retail ~$.29-$.31. All 36 clips $8, or 6 clips $1.50.

4 kneaded erasers (each made using 1.5 X-Large Prismacolor erasers, $20.25 of material, never used). Each eraser $1.

Sanford Colorific Art Gum eraser (.5"x1"x2"; removes all pencil markings without tearing or wearing down paper, perfect for beginners, amateurs, and pros). Current retail ~$.99. $.50.

4 Pairs White Drawstring Pants Scrubs (small; moderate flare; 1 pair has dirt on bottom cuffs). Current retail ~$20 each. Each pair $2.

81 Opaque Glass Marbles Black (~.5"-.625"). Current retail ~$13.50-$19.20. All 81 marbles $10.

3 Shiva Artist's Paintstik Oil Paint Colorless Blenders (4.5"x.75"; oil paint in stick form for drawing, painting, and stenciling; non-toxic, fadeproof, dries in 24 hours). Current retail ~$5.50-$6. each. Each $2.50.

2 Boxes Sargent Art Dustless White Chalk, 12 count (for home or classroom; conforms to ASTM D 4236). Current retail ~$.77-$5 each. Each box $.50.

11 boxes Original White Sculpey, white non-hardening modeling clay (used; ~28 pounds each box; 312 pounds clay total; broken up into chunks). Current retail: 24 lb White Sculpey $90-$150 each. Clay reusable if stays below 90 degrees F; cold storage ok; easiest to kneed at 70-80 degrees F; more info here. All 11 boxes for $300, or each 28lb box $30.

3 boxes Original White Sculpey, white non-hardening modeling clay (used; dirty; ~7 pounds each box; rolled into ~3" balls). Current retail: 24 lb White Sculpey $90-$150 each. Clay reusable if stays below 90 degrees F; cold storage ok; easiest to kneed at 70-80 degrees F; more info here. All 3 boxes for $20, or each ~7lb box $7.

600+ cardboard tubes (36"x2" plotter-paper cores; also have many 30", 24", 12", and 6" tubes). All 600+ 36" tubes $100. 100 tubes (any size) $20. Each tube (any size) $.25.

~700 square feet of dark gray cleft slate tiles. Each tile 11 5/8" x 11 5/8" x .25"; 3.6 lbs. Bottom painted white, top/slate side can be used to tile kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Total weight if purchasing all 700 is ~2,500 pounds. Tiles wrapped in bubble wrap for transport. Current retail $5 each. All tiles $1,500 or BO. 250 tiles $600 or BO. 100 tiles $275 or BO. Each $3.

576 glass vials (4 boxes with 144 vials each, each vial 3.75"x1"; no covers; vials need to be rinsed--contain some grains of sand). Purchased for $481.80 with discount. All vials $140. Box of 144 vials $40.

9 square glass containers/vases (5.25"x4"x4"). Current retail $8-12 each. All vases $25. 3 vases $10. Each vase $4.

9 glass containers/vases (14"-tall x 4.75"-diameter; in 3 boxes). Current retail $6 each. All vases $25. 3 vases $10. Each vase $4.

1 large glass container/vase (~15.75"-tall x 8.25"-diameter). Current retail $30-40. $20.

9 glass containers/vases (~10.5"-tall x 3.5"-diameter; in 2 boxes; used twice for meniscus). Current retail $5 each. All 9 vases $20. Each vase $3.

2 sets hand-painted, paper circles (1 each of black, white, red, yellow, blue, orange, green, light blue, pink; 1 set of nine 4"; other set of nine 2.5"). All 18 circles $20. Each set $10.

4,500+ hand-painted, ~3"x.125" wood circles (500+ each of black, white, red, yellow, blue, orange, green, light blue, pink; roughly divided into 5 boxes). All 4,500+ circles for $250. 100 circles of 1 color $10.

2,100+ hand-painted, 1" wood half-balls. Roughly divided into 14 color-separated bags, at least 150 half-balls each bag (2 bags each of black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, pink). All 14 bags for $120. 1 bag $10.

160+ 2.5" wood balls (have slight green mold; in 4 boxes; made in Maine). Current retail $1.60 each. All 160+ balls for $20. 10 balls $2.50.

900+ poplar dowels (each dowel .375"-diameter x 9'-long; small hole drilled at one end for hanging; painted white). Custom 9-foot length manufactured/shipped for $2,040 or ~$2.20 each. If you'd like dowels cut in half before pickup/delivery: Add .25 per dowel to following price if under 100 dowels; add $25 to price if 100 dowels; add $45 to price if 900 dowels. 900 dowels $500. 100 dowels $75. Each dowel $1.

3 Universal 10431 Round Wall Clocks, Black (12.5"; runs on single AA battery). Current retail ~$29 each. All clocks $55. Each clock $20.

28 Mr. Beams Wireless Motion Sensor LED Ceiling Lights MB980 (wireless, motion activated, detects motion from up to 20 feet away, 6V, uses 4 C batteries, 100 lumens, covers up to 260 square feet, great for old basements, sheds, closets, porches, showers or anywhere that doesn't have sufficient lighting, more info here). Current retail ~$25 each. All lights $400. 10 lights $150. 3 lights $55. Each $20.

40 Push lights. Current retail ~$5 each. All lights $35. Each light $1.

4 Vintage Califone 1300AV Portable Mono Cassette Recorders. Current retail $23-$50 each. All parts included (handle, electrical cord), but both detached for purposes of Curtis' installation; each runs fine on 4 C batteries. All 5 recorders $45, or 1 recorder for $10.

13 Sony SRS-P7 Passive Speakers; (needs no batteries; lightweight; bass reflex duct design for better sound; pair joins together for portability; cord is 1 meter long; mini-plug input allows for near-universal compatibility). Current retail $10-$20 each. All 13 pairs $60. Each pair $5.

2 Kidde PRO 210 2A:10B:C Fire Extinguishers. NFPA Code, ABC rating, rechargeable, metal valve, for common combustibles, liquids and electronics. Current retail ~$40 each. Each extinguisher $20.

60+ lengths of #1 Zinc Plated Steel Weldless Double Loop Chain (most cut to same 8' 3" length). Current retail: $150-$190. All for $75. Each length $1.50.

~200' of #14 steel single jack chain, zinc plated, 16lb load capacity. Current retail ~$60-$120. $30 or BO.

Model KF-200H Impulse Sealer for PP/PE polytubing bags. Current retail ~$88. $35 or BO.
~600' of 4" 6ml polytubing. Current retail ~$40. $10.
Both sealer and polytubing $40.

Cole Parmer Tubing (rounded section ~17"x1"). $.25

Salter 021 Mechanical Kitchen Scale (~4.5"x3"x2.5"; max 500g x 5g, 10oz x .25oz; with removable weighing container/lid). Current retail ~$6. $3.

2 Cole Visual Impact Exit Signs (3"x9", self adhesive). Current retail ~$9 each. Each $3.

Vintage WHITEHALL Travelite Model TR-1 Aluminum Camera Tripod. Current retail ~$10-$40. $5.

3 stop/slow paddle signs with poles. 18" diameter traffic control paddles lettered with "STOP" on one side and "SLOW" on the other, large 6" letters in the official traffic sign colors, easily identifiable by motorists, lightweight non-corrosive and weather-proof material with no sharp edges, safe and long lasting, mounted on 6-foot poles). Current retail $33.50 each. All signs $40. Each $15.

2 TwinFlex Rigid & Roll Up Sign Stands (NCHRP 350 compatibility, complies with MUTCD standards, dual upright coil spring system, withstands heavy wind gusts, ease of use with fast kick release system, locking legs into place when fully extended, displays 36" and 48" roll-up and rigid signs, all aluminum and steel construction, 1-1/4" square legs with two position height adjustment and anti-skid foot pads, open footprint 36" x 84", minimum height from the ground to bottom of panel 18"). Current retail ~$200 each. $100 each or BO.

16,281 grains of white sand remaining from MATTER's flux V (2014; first of 720 vials contained 562,437 grains of sand; Curtis counted grains over course of 15 months, removing 2 granules to make total multiple of 9; participants poured grains of sand from current vial to next, sand traveling from first vial to last vial; Curtis recounted remaining sand determining how much matter made it to end of installation; resulting amount of sand, incidentally, also a multiple of 9). Sand stored in ~3" jar, accompanied by signed authentication. $180.

46 of 72 multiples remaining from EXPERIENCE's abacus I, 2000. Each multiple editioned and signed. 9 multiples $32. 3 multiples $12. Each multiple $5.

9 marbles used only for MOVEMENT's and SOUND's flux I (2002, 2004; participants inserted 9 marbles at consistent pace into pipe's upper opening, and to listened for marbles' 45-second return; no matter how consistently marbles inserted, marbles exited randomly). Marbles stored in canvas bag with signed authentication. $180.

3 of 99 hourglasses remaining from TIME's flux III, 2010. Each flipped once, except for "10.9 12:00-12:59:59" (first hourglass, flipped by myself at start of TIME) accidentally flipped 2 nights before opening by mill staff. Each hourglass editioned and signed (on black, lined box) with corresponding hour at exhibit. 3 hourglasses $140. Each hourglass $50.

This interactive work, sort IVa (2007, installed once at Bruce Brown's exhibit TINY), is a signed and dated white and black, hand-made, magnet-close box containing signed instructions, 11,664 seed beads, bag, and nine 2" color-coded, glass containers set into gray foam. $300.

~5 of 9 hand-made mechanical wind-up pendulum clocks remaining from TIME's pendulum IV, 2010. Each clock discretely signed; included hands, pendulum, and clock key. Each $200.

86,617 feet white acrylic yarn (~36 skeins tied end-to-end; purchased as is); plexiglas container (16"x16"x84"; not water-proof). Yarn and box can be purchased separately. All yarn $50; box $50.

From undoing II (erasing memories), stencil used to draw memories before erased by participants (1 of 9 installations at MEMORY, 2016). $50.

5 objects found on rug at opening reception for MEMORY (2016) below sign for undoing II (erasing memories), perhaps in response to instruction "please set down on rug any bags or other loose items." All 5 objects $5.

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