12 inches is 12 drawings (graphite, 22.5"x22.5", 140lb archival paper, 2011) done in support of SPACE, Curtis's 7th solo biennial of interactive installation.

Over the course of 3 months, Curtis asked 99 people to draw a 1-inch line without using a ruler, a 2-inch line...through 12 inches. Then, she sorted these 1,188 drawings--99 people's 1 inch, 99 people's 2 inches...from the shortest length to the longest length. The first drawing uses the 99 people's perceptions of 1 inch, the second drawing uses the 99 people's perceptions of 2 inches... For each drawing, Curtis translated the perceived measurements into concentric squares, 99 centered squares per drawing.

12 inches (installation shot from Arise at The Barbara Krakow Gallery, June 23-July 28, 2012). Private collection. Photo: Courtesy of The Barbara Krakow Gallery

1 inch

2 inches

3 inches

4 inches

5 inches

6 inches

7 inches

8 inches

9 inches

10 inches

11 inches

12 inches

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