For nearly two decades, Amy Stacey Curtis's solo biennials of interactive installation have been supported in large part by the generosity of Maine's art community. Now Curtis wants to help other Maine artists make the work they want to make.

Curtis is offering her forthcoming catalogue 9 SOLO BIENNIALS for an extremely low pre-publication donation rate. If this donation campaign is successful, it will spark the Forward Fund, a grant program for Maine artists to be administrated by Engine (feedtheengine.org).

How It Works

If you donate $40 toward the Maine printing of 9 SOLO BIENNIALS (retail $80), you'll receive a signed, full-color edition for FREE. If you donate $20 you'll receive a signed, black-and-white edition FREE.

If Curtis's book receives 1,500 donations by the end of 2020, $9,000 will go into the Forward Fund and be granted to one Maine artist in 2021. If Curtis's book receives 3,000 donations, $27,000 will support Forward Fund grants of $9,000 in 2021, 2022, and 2023

In addition to the fate of the grant, the number of donations received will determine how many books will be distributed in 2020. Please secure your copy now, as you might not be able to buy a copy in 2020. And if you can, you might be charged the full retail price.

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Make The Forward Fund Go Go Go

To increase the Forward Fund's chances of success, consider donating toward more than one book whether full-color and/or black-and-white. Give your extra books as holiday gifts! Give your extra books to Maine libraries!

Or consider including an additional donation! 100% of additional donations will go toward 9 SOLO BIENNIALS and the goal of establishing the Forward Fund; if the amount needed to spark the Forward Fund is not reached, all donations will go toward the production of 9 SOLO BIENNIALS.

The Book

9 SOLO BIENNIALS is an autobiographical catalogue documenting Curtis's eighteen-year commitment to interactive installation, nine major solo-biennial exhibits in nine vast mill spaces across Maine between 1998 and 2016. To be published and distributed in the fall of 2020, this long-anticipated 400-page book includes 200 pages of images of the eighty-one interactive works in Curtis's nine exhibits.

9 SOLO BIENNIALS gives readers a behind-the-scenes look into the rigorous Maine-studio-to-Maine-mill process of mounting each exhibit. Each of nine chapters (one for each solo biennial) includes a history of the mill where the exhibit took place, as well as an essay by one of New-England's most respected museum directors, curators, or arts writers, including Sharon Corwin, Bob Keyes, Natasha Khandekar, William Low, Jessica May, Donna McNeil, Owen Smith, Chris Thompson, and Andrew Witkin. Finally, 9 SOLO BIENNIALS celebrates and thanks the businesses, organizations, and more than 1,000 patrons, donors, and volunteers who contributed to Curtis's long-term project.

The Fund

If this donation campaign is successful, the Forward Fund will help propel the forward motion of a Maine artist's work. The Forward Fund will support any emerging, mid-career, or established artist whose work needs "a boost of energy," whether the artist is just starting with his or her work or specific idea, or keeping more-developed work or ideas progressing forward.

Curtis arrived at the idea for the Forward Fund (named by Engine's Co-Founder Joshua Bodwell, inspired by her biennials' "forward" works), as a way to "pay forward" the support she has received from the state of Maine to mount her nine ambitious exhibits.


Q: Will I receive my book(s) even if the Forward Fund goal isn't met?

A: Yes!

Q: Does my donation mean the Forward Fund will happen for sure?

A: No. If this pre-publication campaign receives fewer than 1,500 donations, the cost to produce each copy of 9 SOLO BIENNIALS would be too high to spark the Forward Fund.

Q: Can I get a copy of the book in 2020 if I don't donate soon?

A: Probably not. If you don't donate in 2019 or 2020, not only will you likely miss out on owning a copy of 9 SOLO BIENNIALS, but also you'll miss the opportunity to support the Forward Fund.

Other questions?

To Donate

Don't pay for shipping! Pick up your book in Fall 2020 at one of several Maine events/exhibits. Or add $5 per book for shipping (books shipped 2020).

By March 31, 2020, print and mail this form with check (payable to "Engine") to:

c / o Engine
P.O. Box 1681
Biddeford, ME 04005

To donate online with your credit card, click HERE.

If you prefer shipping, be sure to include $5 per book and your shipping address. Need your book shipped outside the United States? Please contact Amy.
And, a portion of your donation to Engine--a 501(c)(3) nonprofit--may be tax-deductible. If you would like to receive a receipt of your donation to present to your tax advisors, please contact director@feedtheengine.org.

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